Lineastem Nautica srl was founded in 1994 as an artisan business, it produces teak decks for pleasure boats, yachts and boats of any other type, in addition to refitting of existing boats.

In a few years it enriches its experience, increasing the number of customers and collaborating with many shipyards including the most notorious ones.

Our company has a significant operational structure, with highly skilled staff, which enables it to achieve above-average production in comparison to direct competitors, with competitive prices.

The features that distinguish us are definitely the strong diligence and accuracy in carrying out our activities, the respect for delivery terms and standard regulations, the maximum flexibility, the prompt service and assistance and the careful selection of raw materials to guarantee the best quality.

Our company has gained over the years a top level competency and professionalism, responding to the needs of customers and reaching the desired results.

Lineastem Nautica has always been aware that customer satisfaction and results achievement would have been possible only through availability, flexibility along with a great passion in the field of navigation.

Professional competence, together with huge knowledge and experience in the marine industry and in the construction of roofs with teak or preassembled on okumè, allow Lineastem Nautica find the best customized solutions emphasizing the relation with the customers, respecting their requirements.

We are also able to realize any boat assembling with vacuum method, demonstrating the wide range of services we offer to provide high quality performances.
The result is a company that operates with seriousness, professionalism and enthusiasm ensuring reliability for all its products as well as services.