Lineastem nautica

Lineastem Nautica srl was founded in 1994 as an artisan business, it produces teak decks for pleasure boats, yachts and boats of any other type, in addition to refitting of existing boats.

Teak processing for nautic

There are two methods used by our company, the first is gluing solid Teak on plywood with special glues and hot presses, the second is using solid Teak directly glued and placed on the deck.

for each different boat we strive to make patterns on the boat customized for that type of deck, which in turn will be developed to make the finished product.

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Quality starts from materials

Our raw material is completely and totally coming from Myanmar, selected suppliers provide us only whole logs of Burma Teak.

After purchasing and selecting our raw material, the process of sawing planks and quarter log takes place through precision machinery.

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